Cristy LenzWhat is a walking food tour? I get that all the time and I get it. I didn’t know what a walking food tour was before taking a solo trip to Paris last year for my birthday. I’ve always loved going out to eat and delight in simple, well-prepared food. So going to Paris was a dream come true. Before I left, a friend referred me to a walking food tour guide and though the guide was summering along the French Riveria, the idea stuck. When I came home, I kept thinking I needed to move to Paris and be a food tour guide. Then I realized the food I was most passionate about was right in my very own neighborhood, Historic Inman Park. I started researching how to start my own business when real life reminded me that I already had a job, and a busy one. I worked at CNN as a journalist for ten years and with Fox News Channel ten years before that. As a veteran journalist with 4 Peabody Awards and an Emmy nomination under my belt, I didn’t see how I could leave. Then fate stepped in. I lost my job with the Turner layoffs later that year and Food Tours Atlanta was born. I haven’t looked back. I want the second phase of my life to be filled with fun, food and new friends.

Hailing originally from Houston, I moved to Georgia to start grad school at Emory to study public health. What I didn’t know at the time was that I just moved to my second home: Atlanta! I’ve fallen completely in love with this city. Look a little closer and you too can see what I love about it. The diversity of people here, the cultural goings-on, and the food scene make me never want to leave. As a food tour guide since October 2016, I share with others the rich history of the area and offer tour guests the chance to eat some honestly delicious food.

By happenstance, a friend invited me to a food magazine launch party because he knew I love food and getting to know people in the food scene in Atlanta. I ran into Cristy that night, who told me all about her food tour of Historic Inman Park. I hadn’t heard of a food tour before that night, but I loved the great combination of history, culture, and food the tour offers. Here I am now, leading food tours myself! It’s been a whirlwind, but inviting guests to sample local food has come to me naturally. If you’re reading this, I hope to see you on a food tour!