14 Unique & Fun Team Building Activities in Atlanta

fun team building activities atlanta

14 Fun Group Activities in Atlanta

Bringing group members together after working as a remote team may require an ice breaker or two. Team bonding has been happening on Zoom and now we can once again have team building activities with our group members. Put away the jigsaw puzzle and board games and break out the team building exercises. Here’s some ideas to give you a jump on planning both large group and small group activities.

Atlanta Corporate Team Building Activities

Ax ThrowingAx Throwing Atlanta

Wind up your throwing arm and get ready to have some fun. Join your team in the ax-throwing cages at Ax Throwing Atlanta. If it’s been a long time — or ever — since you’ve wielded an ax, now is the time to try. It’s like darts but with axes. Many places will provide a few minutes with an ax-throwing coach before letting you and your group go it alone in the cages. It’s an adrenalin-filled team bonding activity.

Great for small groups or rent more cages for large groups. 

A list of 6 Ax Throwing Businesses in Atlanta

team building activities with foodFood Tours

If ax throwing sounds a little intense maybe some delicious eats from locally owned restaurants is more your speed. What’s a better ice breaker than enjoying a meal together while exploring the history, art, and stories from some of Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods.

Join the Modern Southern Food Tour in Historic Inman Park. Known as one of the city’s hottest dining spots, you’ll have mouthwatering bites and crisp cocktails while enjoying a stroll along the Beltline’s Eastside Trail. If you’re looking for something with a little more zing try our tour at Ponce City Market, one of Atlanta’s most popular food halls

There’s no shortage of noms, craft beer and excitement at this Atlanta foodie spot. Explore the old Sears and Roebuck building and hear about Atlanta’s first baseball teams. There is something for everyone. 

Great for large groups or small groups. 

Food Tours Atlanta

Bicycle Tours Bicycle Tour Atlanta

Atlanta Bicycle Tours are sure to get your heart pumping. Roll through Atlanta’s streets and intown neighborhoods while looking at street art and hearing stories of the city. Saddle up for some team bonding after a year of remote work. Bicycles and helmets are provided and all you need to do is show up ready to roll. It’s great to be outside again. 

Good for small groups or large groups.

Porsche Experience Porsche Experience

Rev your engines at Atlanta’s upscale race track Porsche Experience. Test out your choice of high performance Porsche vehicles on their 1.6 mile track. Open it up and watch how fast you can go. Set a time limit and try to beat the clock. Have a quick meeting in their conference room. After you and your coworkers have tested out the track head inside to the Porsche experience fine dining restaurant. Enjoy some bites and craft cocktails. The hardest part is getting into your own car at the end.

Escape the Room Escape the room, atlanta

You’re locked in but can you solve the mystery to get out? The escape room is great team building activity for smaller groups. Challenge your team to work together to solve the puzzle and complete tasks so you can escape the room in a set time limit. Who on your team will be the best at problem solving this activity? Better than board games and office trivia. It’s a great way to bring your remote team back together. 

List of Escape the Room

Roller Skating Roller skating Atlanta

Channel your inner teen and hit the rink with your trusty skates and some throwback tunes. Roller skating has never gone out of style and neither have you. Break out your moves as you groove around the rink. Don’t worry if you haven’t skated in a while you have the building blocks to make it happen. The fun is in trying and spending time bonding with your team. Wear your tallest socks, a retro tee and hit the rink. Don’t forget to visit the snack bar for an iced cold drink, a hot dog and some popcorn. Don’t skimp on the butter.

Great for small groups or rent out the rink for larger groups. 

Skating Rinks near Atlanta

BowlingBowling Atlanta

Bumpers down! You’ve got this. Remember your socks and turn your shoes in for some bowling kicks. Ice Breakers aren’t needed here. Team up, find the perfectly weighted ball and put your favorite jams on the jukebox. Grab some pitchers of cold beer and snacks and get ready to bowl. You and your team will have some competitive fun while making up your best strike dances. High fives all around! There is always a set time limit with bowling. Pick how many rounds your small groups or large groups will play. 

List of Atlanta Bowling Alleys

Wine TastingWine Tasting Atlanta

Indulge your refined palate with the grape juice of the gods. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love a glass of wine. It’s the reason many of us have made it through the lockdown of the last year.  Why not bring your remote team together and learn more about your favorite beverage with your favorite coworkers. It’s a great way to team build while learning more about everything about winemaking from grape to cask. Cheers!

Best for smaller groups.

Beer Tour Beer Tour Atlanta

Get on the craft beer bus. Atlanta is home to some of the best craft breweries in the county. Atlanta Beer Bus solves the problem of how you taste at several of them while leaving your car at home. The Atlanta Beer Bus allows you and your team to hop on and hop off the bus while traveling between several adjacent breweries. If the bus doesn’t seem like your idea of a team building exercise you can always pick your favorite brewery for a cold one. Tasting beer together is the ice breaker we all need post covid. It will make your remote team want to leave the house.  Private tours are available so you and your team could have a bus all to yourself. 

List of Local Atlanta Breweries 

Cooking Class Team building food and cooking Atlanta

If you have a smaller group a cooking class could be for you. Pick your menu and skill level, tie on your apron and get chopping. Not only do you get to prep and cook the meal but you get to eat it as well. It’s a fun corporate team building activity with your co-workers. Your team will enjoy a delicious meal knowing you got there through teamwork. The Cook’s Warehouse has cooking classes but these groups generally max out around 25 people. Bon Appetit! 

Atlanta Cooking Classes

Hike to the Bamboo Grove team building activities while hiking in Atlanta

Tie on your hiking boots, pack a snack and some water and get hiking. Atlanta’s East Palisades Trail is a way to get your remote team outside for a team building activity that is also exercise. Your group members will love the chance to get back to nature. Walk past the beautiful Chattahoochee River and across a wooden bridge. Meander through the well-marked trail crossing a small stream before finally coming upon the bamboo grove.  Bamboo stalks grow over 30 feet and you can hear the trunks knock in the wind. Be rewarded after a challenging hike with team bonding and much needed time in nature.

East Palisades Hiking Trail

Laughter Yoga Laughter Yoga

During your private session your team will bond through laughter. Breathe in the funny.  There’s no downward dog but there is plenty of hilarity. Laughter Yoga is a way to find joy through simple group exercises that don’t actually include exercising. Laughter Yoga expert, Celeste Greene knows a thing or two about laughing. She did a Ted Talk on it and was an improv comedy actor.

Great for small groups or large groups.

Improv ComedyImprov team building activities Atlanta

Let Whole World Theatre, Village Theatre or Dad’s Garage host your next corporate team building event. Unscripted and hilarious, these improv actors use the suggestions you give them to create a custom comedy scene in front of your eyes. You won’t believe they made it up on the spot. It’s a great way to bring your remote team together after a year apart. Sit back and enjoy the show. 

List of Improv and Comedy Clubs

Scavenger HuntScavenger Hunt Team Building Activities Atlanta

A team building activity for the adventurous group members. Set with Atlanta as the backdrop, Atlanta Scavenger Hunt will customize a puzzling experience for a small group or large group. Get a map and take to the streets for this problem solving exercise. Search for the items you’ll need to come in first. This is better than office trivia and a great way to reset team bonding after a year of remote work.

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