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Food Tours Atlanta is a boutique culinary, history, and art experience. All of our restaurants are locally owned and operated, and are the very best at what they do. Prove it? Food Tours Atlanta has more James Beard award-winning chefs than any other food tour in the state.

But that doesn’t mean our food is fussy. It’s simply prepared dishes like The One Eared Stag’s black pepper biscuits and gravy, H&F’s award-winning cheeseburger and El Superman’s Cuban Sandwich that have our tour guests returning for more. So, book a tour and skip breakfast. You’re going to be glad you did.

Food Tours Atlanta is a 2 time TripAdvisor Award of Excellence winner.


It all started with a quarter-life crisis and one very glutinous vacation. I spent the last 20 years being an award-winning journalist for Fox News and CNN. On a whim, I traveled to Paris, France and joined up with a food tour. That was the defining moment. I was hooked. So, I made a plan: Quit my job at CNN, sell my home in Atlanta’s Inman Park, and move to Paris to start a food tour. It was the perfect idea fueled by croissants, wine, and vacation euphoria.

And then I landed back in Atlanta. Quickly the vacation buzz faded, I realized I didn’t speak French, and I really didn’t know my way around Paris. So, I settled back into my day job. That is until I was laid off two months later. Fate pushed me into my passion and Food Tours Atlanta was born.

I have always been immersed in the Atlanta food scene. First as an avid diner and the go-to among friends for dining recommendations, and now as a restaurant partner to some of the city’s best locally-owned restaurants. Today, Food Tours Atlanta features more James Beard-honored chefs on its tours than any other food tour in the state.

Beyond the quality and consistency which are hallmarks of our food tours, we immerse our guests in the area’s rich history, inspiring local art scene, and treat them to unforgettable, intimate food experiences. My love of fact-finding and history comes to life in the neighborhoods we explore. You can take the journalist out of the newsroom, but you can’t take the journalism out of the girl. Now, I welcome you to share my love of food and history while we discover the best of Atlanta’s dining scene.

We hope to see you on a tour!

– Cristy Lenz, Founder

Meet Our Inman Park Tour Guide

Michael Bonow

What’s your fav restaurant on your tour and why?

One Eared Stag. I love the farm-to-table goodness and the delicious duality of both tradition and reinterpretations of these traditions that Robert Phalen makes in his kitchen. Gu’s Dumplings, and their masterful Szechuan cuisine, is a very close second.

What’s your favorite thing about the Atlanta food scene?

One of the coolest things about Atlanta is the diversity of its people, which is reflected in the food scene. I don’t have to travel far to try new cuisines from around the world.

Do you have a favorite tour moment?

My favorite tour moment is the when I watch people take their first bite of food at each of our tasting stops. The faces change, a quiet falls on the table, and I smile because I know the exact rush of taste going through their senses.

What do you think is special about our tours?

What’s so special about our tours is the commitment to quality and the level of service we provide. Food Tours Atlanta has more James Beard-award nominees and winners than any other food tour company in the state, and we take steps to ensure consistency.

Meet Our Ponce City Market Tour Guide

David Nettey

What’s your favorite part of being a guide?

When I initially encounter my guests, we’re complete strangers. But after two hours, I’ve made new friends and formed a bond over one of my favorite things—food.

What’s your fav restaurant on your tour and why?

My top pick amongst the tour’s offerings would have to be a tie between 1821 Bitters because it’s a hidden gem in the market and Botiwalla due to its distinct flavors and tastes.

Do you have a favorite tour moment?

A couple of tour participants walked up to me, and I recognized her. She smiled, hugged me, and told me that she came out for a tour in February. She had such a great time that she brought her best friend out for her birthday so she could enjoy the tour too.

What do you think is special about our tours?

The tours offer a little something for everyone. I’ve come across people young and old, varying backgrounds and cultures, and people with different palates. Whether from a culinary or history buff perspective, our tour guests leave full and content.

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