Peanut Party For Steven Satterfield

Peanut Party For Steven Satterfield

Peanut by Steven Satterfield

Michael’s Dispatch: #PeanutParty!

Peanuts are Georgia’s number one crop, but often play second fiddle to much lauded peach. So, while beloved, the peanut does not often get the attention it deserves. This all changes with Steve Satterfield’s new cookbook, Peanut. In it the humble legume takes the lead.

He creates recipes like Peanut Pasta with Broccoli & Peanut Breadcrumbs and Roasted Delicate Squash with Peanut-Sesame Squash it will make you rethink the role of the peanut in each meal. Satterfield is a chef deeply committed to fresh and local ingredients. His love of vegetables is well known, as is his skill in preparing them. So, a whole cookbook about their versatility of peanuts should not be a surprise.

The book debuted at Cover Books, an independent bookstore on Atlanta’s Westside. The store transformed to celebrate the humble legume. Small paper trays of boiled peanuts to be enjoyed by guests – occupied nearly every available space in the bookstore, as did multiple copies of the new cookbook.

Short Stack publications, who published the Peanut cookbook, are concise, highly focused cookbooks dedicated to one particular ingredient. Peanut Party guests included acclaimed food writers and chef, Angie Moiser, who wrote a cookbook about buttermilk for Short Stack and Virginia Willis, authored the grits cookbook.  I’m hungry just thinking about it!short

Satterfield is the executive chef and co-owner of Miller Union, a staple restaurant on Atlanta’s trendy Westside. Not only is Satterfield named as a James Beard Award finalist for this year, but the restaurant’s wine program is also a national finalist for a James Beard award for best wine program.

millIf you’re looking for something to do on Atlanta’s Westside check out Cover Books. It’s a cool independently owned store that focuses on high quality publications.

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