Thanksgiving Favorites

Thanksgiving Favorites

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It always makes for a memorable occasion, even if the cool cousins didn’t make it for family thanksgiving this year! I love to cook and while I’m pretty good in the kitchen there I things I know can be done better and I’m not above a little help. Here are the five restaurants and bakers that I can’t live without.

The Savory Table

Star Provisions

Have you ever tried to brine your own turkey? Yeah, me neither. For the last 3 years I’ve gotten my turkey from Star Provisions and they brine it for you. It’s an organic, free-range turkey and it’s as succulent as it sounds. The cooking is up to you or if you are so inclined they’ll even roast it for you. I prefer to cook mine myself so I can have those delicious turkey juices to put in the dressing. Yes, that I make myself! I also throw in a turkey gravy for good measure. I heart gravy.


Bacon Caramel Popcorn from H&F Bread.

Their bacon caramel corn is a great  pre-dinner nosh. It’s sweet and a bit salty and when you get a big piece of bacon oh so smoky. It’s a great addition to your appetizer table. I also get their pimento cheese because it’s the best I’ve ever had. It’s great smeared on a cracker. and don’t forget the yeast rolls. They’re great for sopping up all that gravy!

The Dessert Table

The Cake Hag

Maple Pecan Pie from The Little Tart Bakeshop

No Thanksgiving is complete without coconut cream pie from the Hag. Maggie and Katie make this sublime coconutty dream. I get is every year and even my brother-in-law who hates coconut loves it! Sorry pumpkin pie, you bore me.

The Little Tart Bakeshop

The best, flakiest crust known to Atlanta resides in Sara O’Brien’s hands. The same can be said for her pecan pie. The crust your love in her pastries is right at home in a pie pan. Prepare for seconds!

General Muir

I do not love cheesecake, but the sweet potato cheesecake with meringue at the General Muir made me a believer. It’s soft and pumpkin-like and not too sweet. It’s like souffle meets pumpkin pie. Yes, I know it’s sweet potato, but it’s almost pumpkiney. You won’t be sorry.

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